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Are you looking for help with a distressing event or to overcome troubling feelings?

Are you struggling with overwhelming stress or anxiety? Has a significant relationship run in to serious trouble? Or maybe there are upsetting feelings and behaviors that are affecting you at home or work.

Reaching out for help gives you space to process your difficulties and find a path forward. My name is Lloyd and I would like to introduce you to my approach to therapy so you can see if it will be a good fit for you. I am based in The Woodlands, Texas. Please follow the links on this page to learn more about me, my specialties and my practice.

Therapy can help you clarify what you are feeling and why certain struggles might keep you stuck. With expert guidance and encouragement, it can also help you navigate a difficult event, restore a troubled relationship or put an end to destructive cycles that are impacting your career or personal life.

Lloyd Whieldon is a Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA) – Independent. Learn more about the difference between a LPA and Licensed Psychologist by clicking here.


Has A Traumatic Experience or Relationship Had A Negative Effect On Your Life?


Has a single or series of upsetting events occurred leaving you feeling cut off from people, worthless, or unable to manage emotions? Or perhaps you experience the return of uncomfortable memories to the extent it is affecting your confidence? If so, learn more about trauma counseling.


Are Depression Symptoms Wrecking Your Quality Of Life?


Perhaps you are struggling to take care of yourself, of jobs that need doing, or are missing deadlines and avoiding people. Or maybe you feel irritable, unmotivated or a sense that you have lost your purpose. If these or similar feelings are occurring, you might benefit from depression counseling.


Has Infidelity Caused A Rift In Your Relationship?


Are you trying to comprehend what has happened to your relationship and yourself? Do you need help figuring out where to go from here? Whether you are the one betrayed or the person who strayed, Infidelity Counseling can help you through this difficult time.


Are Constant Arguments Or Lack Of Connection Destroying Your Marriage?


Do you feel like you have lost that special connection or feeling of safety? Or maybe arguments are escalating beyond control. Or perhaps you’re beginning to think you have nothing in common and wonder if there’s any future together. If so, learn how marriage counseling can help.

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The sooner you start psychotherapy, the sooner you can learn to move beyond the problems of today and in to a healthier and more peaceful tomorrow.


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Exploring Why A Relationship Expectation Isn’t Always Met

Explore three common problems in the way couples form agreements that can shed light on why relationship expectations often go unmet.


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