My Background and Approach to Healing

My Philosophy on Therapy

The relationship you have with your therapist is one of the most important ingredients of successful treatment. It is essential that you feel they care about you as a person; that they listen and understand how you are experiencing the concerns that bring you to therapy. My goal is to ensure you feel safe and comfortable discussing the concerns you have. If you are coming in with your partner, it is equally important that both of you feel heard and valued.

I often tell people not to let their problems define who they are. I don’t pin people into categories. Instead, I see you as a person with a rich history and an unwritten future. Pursuing therapy is a courageous step that tells me you value yourself or your relationship. It tells me you know there is something better for yourself or your marriage. I will always respect the trust you place in me, and I will give you my best in return.

What Happens in Therapy

In order to provide you the best care, I will seek to understand you in the context of your life so far, your experiences, and your goals. I will administer clinical assessment tools that ask about behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. These are used as guides. While they don’t determine the future course of therapy, they are helpful and save time in treatment. My therapy practice is evidence-based, which means I use therapeutic interventions that have been shown to work with similar problems.

How I Work

I believe in comprehensive planned treatments based on thorough assessment. The therapies I use were developed in the US and Europe. I view problems as being in a state of constant change. Therefore, we will work on directing changes in positive directions. 

With individuals, I often start with cognitive-behavioral therapy. When problems are more complex, I use schema therapy, which looks at how deeper patterns and past experiences keep a person stuck. When working with couples, I use a variety of strategies that depend on what the couple is trying to achieve. Having worked with couples from many countries, I have noticed remarkable similarity in how they experience distress and recovery.

I have chosen to specialize in trauma, relationships, infidelity, and depression for a reason. These are issues that have dominated the lives of so many clients I’ve encountered over the years. I am familiar with how people fall into and recover from these issues. Much of the distress they feel can be eased. I deeply enjoy helping people work through their problems and guiding them towards lives that are authentic, productive, and joyous – as they were intended to be.

My Background & Experience

I grew up in England, where I obtained a degree in psychology from Staffordshire University and a master’s degree in forensic psychology from The University of Kent at Canterbury. I began my career as an Associate Forensic Psychologist at Rampton Hospital, where my clients faced extremely challenging mental health difficulties. Many also struggled with trauma or substance abuse; all were considered a risk to the public. I was involved in assessing neuropsychological function, personality, and risk. Much of my work focused on helping them overcome shame and stigma around their past choices. Many people still need help believing that there is a different way of being. I still see this as an important ingredient in therapy today.

In 2001 I moved from England to the United States, where I provided cognitive-behavioral therapy at an outpatient clinic. I later accepted a position as Court Resource Coordinator at Harris County Criminal Justice Center in Houston. This role focused on assessing defendants, coordinating referrals to treatment, and making recommendations to judges and court personnel. It was an environment that was unsympathetic to people with mental health problems, and I enjoyed challenging conventional opinion. I believe in personal accountability and learning from one’s past. Therapy can be a vital tool to become a better person. 

In 2013, my family relocated to Singapore, where I entered private practice and worked with emotional problems, marital difficulties, and trauma faced by expats and their family members. Many struggled with making meaning of their past, feelings, and behaviors, despite incredible success in other areas of life. In 2016 we settled in The Woodlands, Texas, where I established a private practice. Here I hope to bring recovery and guidance to people struggling with relationships and personal difficulties.

I am an avid reader and keep on top of new research and promising treatments in the United States, Europe, and further abroad. When I am not working, I love to explore the outdoors. I enjoy kayaking, mountain biking, running, hiking in the woods, exploring new cities, comedy, and overseas travel. I am married with two children.

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