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The Importance of Self-Identity for Setting Relationship Boundaries

A strong self-identity is essential when it comes to intimacy, asserting yourself and exercising good boundaries with your family, friends, and partner. It can also guard against feeling manipulated or resentful in personal relationships. But what is self-identity and where

By |Trauma|

After Your Partner Has Cheated: 5 Reasons Why You Need a Strong Self-Care Routine

Finding out that your partner has been cheating can feel like a death sentence for your relationship. Even if you decide that you want to try to move past it, it’s not an easy process. Either way, there will

By |Infidelity|

3 Ways to Find Your Voice When Trauma Is Muting Your Authenticity

The effects of trauma can persist even after a traumatic event is long past. This latent trauma can manifest in various ways. One person might experience night terrors and panic attacks. Another might have intense anxiety and a serious

By |Trauma|

When a Loved One Is Struggling with Depression: Why They Can’t Just Snap Out of It

Occasionally feeling sad or getting down in the dumps is just part of the human condition—we’ve all been there before, right? But if these feelings persist for months on end, combined with physical symptoms and destructive thoughts that impact

By |Depression|
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