When Your Partner Is Having An Affair

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(5 minute read) After Your Spouse is Caught Cheating The discovery of an affair is painful. But learning that your partner is continuing an affair while you are trying to save your marriage is agonizing. There are immense fears around making the wrong decision or sending the wrong message. The turmoil can lead you to

What to Ask About Your Partner’s Affair

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At some point after the discovery of infidelity, you will likely face the gut-wrenching task of asking your partner about their affair. But what should you ask? And how do you know if your questions are helpful to both you and your relationship? Asking the wrong questions can aggravate what can already feel like

After Your Partner Has Cheated: 5 Reasons Why You Need a Strong Self-Care Routine

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Finding out that your partner has been cheating can feel like a death sentence for your relationship. Even if you decide that you want to try to move past it, it’s not an easy process. Either way, there will be arguments, there will be tears, and there will be dark moments of self-doubt. If

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