Identifying and Overcoming Defensive Communication in Relationships

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Has conversation in your relationship deteriorated to a point of causing pain and discomfort? Do you find yourself grappling with the emotional strain of discussions that should be simple, yet somehow spiral into confusion and hurt? For many couples seeking therapy, this scenario is all too familiar. The root of these recurring conflicts often lies

Exploring Why A Relationship Expectation Isn’t Always Met: Uncovering the Three Key Factors

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Have you ever grappled with feelings of anger, disappointment, or diminished trust in your partner when they fail to honor a relationship expectation? The foundation of our sense of safety and security often lies in the promises we keep. As relationships evolve, so do our expectations about each partner's behavior and contribution. In this article,

Verbal abuse in a Relationship

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(5 minute read) Has conflict in your marriage reached a breaking point? Have you noticed arguments getting more intense, happening more frequently, and escalating to name-calling, explosive anger, or intimidation? Are you worried about the damage caused by parents arguing in front of children or directing verbal abuse their way? Or maybe you feel like

Codependency in Relationships

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(4 minute read) Do you frequently put your partners' needs before your own? Do you constantly worry about their behavior, opinions, and expectations? Do you feel responsible for fixing or managing those close to you? And do you suppress your feelings to keep the peace? If so, you may be experiencing what some call codependency

How To Express Feelings To Your Partner

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(4 minute read) The ability to share our opinions and feelings with our partner is an indicator of a healthy relationship. Doing so builds a partnership that is intimate, respectful, and meaningful. It allows us to make decisions together, discuss important issues, and plan for a future. However, many couples struggle in this area. Instead

How to Show Empathy – 10 Essential Skills

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How To Show Empathy to Your Partner Whether dating or married, couples who show empathy report more satisfying relationships. Their partners are more open which leads to a greater sense of intimacy. Also, by showing empathy, they develop a richer understanding of their mate. In turn, this leads to fewer misunderstandings and arguments. What follows

How to Reconcile After an Argument (the Healthy Way)

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Conflict is an unavoidable part of life. All of us will at one point or another get into intense disagreements with our friends, relatives, and romantic partners. But so many of us have no idea how to handle the aftermath of a conflict in a healthy way. We feel nervous about discussing the topic

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