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The Fine Line Between Protective and Overcompensating Boundaries in Relationships

By |2023-11-25T10:25:53-06:00August 25th, 2023|Trauma|

Overcompensation is a defense mechanism wherein individuals attempt to mask their perceived weaknesses or insecurities by exhibiting the opposite behavior or attitude. In the realm of intimate relationships, this can manifest as overcompensating boundaries. Such boundaries, intended to be protective, may arise from underlying fears, insecurities, or past traumas rather than from genuine personal values

Trust Issues in a Relationship

By |2023-10-17T16:21:02-06:00August 18th, 2020|Trauma|

(4-minute read) Traumatic experiences, especially those from childhood, often lead to difficulties that appear in our romantic relationships. Those with a history of trauma often feel more comfortable keeping friends and colleagues at a distance but anxious in more intimate relationships because this strategy no longer works. And it isn’t just events from childhood. Toxic

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